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Panna National Park

Central India


Panna National Park is tucked away in the northern Madhya Pradesh , region of the Vindhya Mountain range. A dry-deciduous forest tapped by Ken River 55 km across. Panna has the most picturesque forests of central India consisting of highlands, ravines, and valleys. It is a home to natural and archaeological wonders.

One of the stream of Ken, gives rise to the Pandava Falls, a popular tourist attraction within National Park. Falling from height of 90 Feet, the waterfall forms a pool before flowing through the forest depths. Catch the falls in full glory post-monsoon. There is a series of caves here which, according to local people, date back to the times of Mahabharata and sheltered the Pandava brothers.

A Tiger country, this park is also home to a large variety of fauna, including leopard, wild dog, sloth bear, a variety of deer, nilgai, snakes, etc. The park is also known for its Avifauna, including the presence of seven of the nine species of vultures found in India. Muggers and gharials have found a sanctuary in the Ken River.

While teak forests abound in the northern part of the park, the south is given to mixed varieties. With an option of a hurried vehicle Safari in the National Park, you may pursue sustainable travel to lessen Carbon Footprint, and benefit the local population by opting for a Slow safari. Take a trained member of Pardhi Tribal group on a walk through the woods of Panna. On the walks, guests learn about the various plants, their used and importance, learn to recognize the ‘signs’ which help to understand the natural world and more.

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