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Explore a Selection of places through the lens of Historical Heritage. Central India is diverse in terms of Historical legacy, offering unique experiences based on UNESCO recognised heritage sites and many more. Rock paintings, stone, and metal tools found in the rivers, valleys, caves, and other areas of Madhya Pradesh indicate its prominence in prehistoric times. One of the earliest kingdoms known to have existed in the region was Avanti (Ujjain) – Part of Mauryan Empire. (4-3 BC). Among various dynasties that ruled part or all of Madhya Pradesh were the Chandelas who built the famous Khajuraho Temples.

Dwell into the stories breathing life in the ancient history of mysterious land. Explore the places that cradled countless empires and inspired beautiful architecture.

Image by Deepak Gupta
Image by Nick


Nearly one-third of the state’s total area is forested, with changing Empires and governments from Hindu Rulers like King Bhoj to Nawabs, followed by British Raj, the forests changed from good to endangered. Currently protected by Indian government, they recite their own story.

A lavish, eco-friendly, and exciting Jungle adventure awaits you. Experience courteous service, soothing seclusion, & spectacular journey, which radiates wilderness and tranquillity.

Follow the trails of mighty Bengal Tiger in personalized safaris, feed the Elephants, spend your evenings on nature walks and spot the rare bird species on your way. Catch sight of exotic flora and fauna in their natural habitat, Witness ‘Tiger conservation – In action’ at Madhya Pradesh, National Parks.


Find Beauty, peace, and quiet in the rich and raw landscapes of Central India, you will find splendour in simple pleasures of being surrounded by natural tranquillity. The state is abundant with Lakes, Rivers, Valleys, Hills, and Gardening fields. The rural setting and rustic green pastures enchant you with the old-world charm

Image by Harshit Mahabale
Image by Indus Action


Central India is a home to various tribes and ethnic groups and offers a bountiful cultural distinctiveness. The understanding of regional historic background inspires respect, tolerance and awareness of various cultures coexisting in India and subsequently, promotes peace and harmony.

Socialize with Indigenous tribes, local artisans, and rural folk of Madhya Pradesh. Taste the traditional delicacies. Learn more about their customs, traditions, local art, music, and dance. Gain perception about their struggles, folklores, & livelihood. Cultural heritage can help to achieve inclusive and sustainable development & shared empathy.

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