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Jungles Of Central India

Updated: Jan 15

Central India is primarily a plateau terrain. The Malwa Plateau is the most notable highland in Central India. The central region of India is also the home of some of the famous mountain ranges, including Satpura, Vindhya and Maikal. The region is channeled by several rivers, including the Chambal, the Son, and the Narmada.

Madhya Pradesh was the only state in the region from 1956 until 2000, when its southeast portion was divided and developed into the state of Chhattisgarh.

Central India is one of the undiscovered and underrated zones of India. A rich layer of tropical deciduous forests envelopes the whole region. Encompassing captivating landscapes, attractive lakes, lush green hills, and many popular tourist locations. Large tribal groups inhabit the Vindhya mountain range areas of the region.

Central India has many National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries including – Panna National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh, Satpura and Pench are some eminent & lovely parks with diverse vegetation.

Watered by numerous major rivers, the area gives the feel of a verdant sanctuary that provides life and beauty to this picturesque region of Madhya Pradesh. For instance, Ken River known locally as Karnavati in Panna, is a home to many migratory birds and aquatic life. While you’re here immerse yourself in unfiltered beauty by visiting the Raneh falls, and nearly Pandava falls are located a few hours away. Also see the Temples and Forts nestled amidst the Forests of Panna. Make the most of your stay by booking rooms at the forest bungalows, wilderness camps and multiple Resorts.

Similarly, Satpura region is a Popular location for adventure seekers, with nearby hills and woods offering trekking, climbing, backpacking, and camping opportunities. The landscapes transform from marshlands to majestic forests of delicate towering trees. Satpura is exceptional and marvelous because of its unusual species, vast biosphere reserves, numerous falls, rivers, and rugged terrain.

Climate of the Pachmarhi region gives way to a refreshing chill in the months of capricious Indian Summer. Roads start to twist and turn with cool misty clouds in between. Charming sights, offers plethora of scenes and spectacles to explore, exotic species of flora and fauna. As the day draws to a close, head to Dhoopgarh Peak (Highest Point of the State) to witness hundreds of hills bathed in a kaleidoscope of pink and orange hues.

As you pass through the gates of Kanha National Park, where the majestic Sal, Teak, Khair, Neem trees thrive, you can choose to hike, camp, go to Safaris, Nature Walks and River crossing in the wilderness. Else just have a restful stay as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the place. There are multiple comfortable, and luxury stay options keeping your preferences in mind.

The sub-tropical woods of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh provide sanctuary to ancient and exotic tribes. Continuous measures have been taken by the government to protect the flora, fauna, and the tribes of the wilderness. But It is still a challenge for the modern-day leadership to sustain a compassionate harmony between the tribesmen, wildlife, and the untouched forest resources.

To tackle forest land encroachment and poaching of animals, the tribal are employed as Safari Guides and they take the tourists on the journey through the woods. To protect their culture, they also display & sell their artworks, present their local dance and music (Khajuraho Music Festival for instance), and their delicious cuisines are also popular among the visitors.

As you plan your visit to Central India, keep in mind the distinctiveness of this safe haven as it is not only the Tiger Country but also a cradle to Diverse Tribes, Wild Species and Natural resources.

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Author : Mansi Rajput

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